Ann Egg is an Egg small book activity available

   Pencil Clipart Image: Stubby Pencil That Has Been Used for Lots of Homework and Class Work After our neighbors unit, my class and I work on a unit all about changes. I have a small book for students to work on that goes along with one of the stories in our unit, "An Egg is An Egg". In this story, it talks all about what something is until something happens to change it. Here are a few examples: "An egg is an egg until it hatches. Then it becomes a chick." It might say "Then it is a...." instead of "becomes", but right now I can't be too sure. In any case, as I am working on my units and updating them, I created a small book for students to finish modeled in the same fashion of the story. I am sharing it with anyone in case you would like to use it.   Click here for the small book


  1. I can not open the small book. What do I need in order to use this activity?


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