The First Week of School: a Sneak Peek into What I'll be Doing


     I have briefly discussed a few of the things I'll be doing with my class during our first week. With anxiety of wanting to get some of my plans on paper and better thought-out, I came up with a much more solid plan that I am very excited about. Now, some schools demand that teachers jump right in to the curriculum, but at my school that is not the case. I plan on taking the first week extremely slow, and beginning primarily in Bible. The rest of the time will be spent on practicing procedures and such. Here is my list of plans for my first week:

*Go over rules (create a class poster where we brainstorm behavior for each rule)
* Students create their own posters showing them doing things that follow the rules
* ABC book about me (for the students): This will also allow me to assess some of their writing skills
* Language arts assessments/math assessments
* Work on bulletin board (students decorate their paper dolls)
* Begin neighbor unit
* Begin Bible (Creation)
* Read Chrysanthemum-chart letters in our names
* Begin practicing for the Daily 3
* Create a bear family (every student given a paper bear head)-this will go on my wall next to my desk

    I am very excited about the first week of school. I think the students will love these activities. For those of you who are interested in the neighbor unit, it is from a Bible curriculum I found online. I love using it because it emphasizes good, neighborly behavior. We begin the year with that unit, then we work on being good neighbors for the entire year. Click here to see the neighbor unit   I have also created an entire live binder full of resources to go along with the neighbor unit and if anyone is interested in getting access to that binder, just email me.