How I spent my Summer Vacation

    While almost all the other international teachers are back in their native countries, I am not. I stayed here in Mexico, deciding it would be much cheaper (and since I am paying back student loans, I always look to the cheaper alternative to anything). Thinking back on my summer, I really haven't done too much. In fact, it's al been mostly work related. I have been revamping my units, looking for additional resources, and now blogging. Yes, sad as it is, that's what I've been this summer. We have gone to visit my husband's family (they only live about an hour away, so really, this is nothing different than what we do during the school year), but that doesn't count as doing anything truly spectacular during the summer (sorry honey!). Last week we did take a family trip to the zoo, which is an amazing zoo. We literally spent about 7 hours at the zoo.  I don't think I have ever done that before.
    Lastly, I have been tutoring. That's right, I have been working during my summer vacation. It's actually been nice as I get to keep my creative juices flowing, as well as get to know one of my future students (he'll be in my class this coming year).
     I actually like a slow summer, otherwise you end it exhausted and needing a vacation from your vacation. Sleep is something I always need during the school year (who doesn't, right?), so the extra dosage of it this summer has been great. I am including pictures from our zoo trip. I hope you enjoy!

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