Linky Party- Behavior Plans and Behavior Problems

    I used to use the card system. You know, "Go flip your card". Then one day I walked into my classroom and noticed my behavior chart with the cards was missing. I knew it was less likely to be a Heavenly sign that it was time to change what I was doing, and more likely to be yet another missing item in my classroom (I suspect the janitor had been throwing things away that fell off my wall, which happened frequently since almost everything was put up with sticky tack). So, I was determined to change my system right then and there.
     What I then created was much like a variation of the clip system. I made a wave out of blue poster paper and stapled it to my wall. Then I divided the wave into sections. Students were given paper fish to color and decorate, and I attached velcro to the back of the fish. The middle section was neutral water where every student started. To the right of the neutral water was the safe water, where students can move for being good neighbors, and demonstrating good behavior. Each section was referred to as free choice 1, free choice 2, etc, with 4 free-choice rewards. The further into the safe water, the more free-choice water a student earned. My free-rewards are as such: 1) color or draw 2) sit anywhere 3) play with play-doh 4) certificate home. This next year I think I will add more reward options (I might have had another one that I am forgetting!).
    Just as students get to move forward for good behavior, they also get to move backward. Once they are past the neutral water, they begin to go into the deep water, which is divided into 3 sections. Once in the middle of the deep water, students lose 5 minutes of recess. Once in the deepest section, they lose all of recess and get a discipline form sent home (which means they lose conduct points).
     I found this to work wonderfully well with my students. I only had one student who was challenging in terms of behavior, but this really helped to tame him. He would ask me to be able to move his fish into the safe water. He wanted the rewards like the other students. This system truly was a blessing for me.
    Now, for this coming year, I am really toying with a couple of ideas. I might paint a tree on my wall and give the students monkeys that will climb up or down on the tree, depending on their behavior, or I might do a space theme and have the students be rockets. As soon as I figure it out, I will let you know. What do you think? Monkey theme or space?

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  1. Love the monkey theme, very fun! If you paint the tree please post pictures so we can see!


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