My Back-to-School Bulletin Board

    I have never kept up with my bulletin boards, but I really want to change that this year (okay, so I should toss that into my list of resolutions for the new school year). As I was thinking about what I can do to make a meaningful and fun bulletin board, I ran into a great idea in a book. I took from that idea and started expanding it to make it work, but here's what I am thinking so far:

     I will create a friendship border which will go along with the neighbor unit I do at the beginning of the school year. For the boarder, I will use paper dolls (or something similar to that). Then, each student will be given a paper-person cut-out to decorate to look like him or herself. Once finished, the paper students will go on the bulletin board as though they are holding hands.  The backdrop will likely be a park, or school, but I will ask my students what they want it to be, so until then I am unsure.

     When the students go to personalize their paper dolls, I will give them yarn to create hair, and other fun things to decorate their dolls (googly eyes, cotton balls, glitter, etc.). They will be given different outfits to choose for their dolls as well. I plan to laminate their dolls so they hold up well.

     Last (and perhaps the best part), I will put up a little cardboard box for friendship messages. Here, students can send classmates friendly messages (approved by me first), which will also be a great way to practice their writing.

     I plan to work on this during the first week of school. It's a great way to get the classroom prepared together, as well as get the kids started on something fun. I will post pictures when the project is complete.

 Here is the paper-doll pattern I think I will use. If you decide to do the same bulletin board activity, please share your ideas and link your url so I can see the pictures.

What do you all think of this bulletin board idea? Or, do you have any suggestions for it? Thanks!