New Year's Resolution in the Classroom

    Every year I typically have a few goals to work on in the classroom. Last year my goals were to improve on my modified version of the Daily 5, as well as become more organized. I feel I accomplished both. With a brand-new school year just weeks around the corner, I have several other goals that I am excited to be working on.

1) Create a more inviting classroom: While I have always liked my room and the way I have been able to put it together, I feel there is so much more I can do with it. With limited space, however, it is going to be somewhat challenging, but not hopeless. Currently, I use every wall interactively for the different subjects I teach. The things posted on my wall changes with our units, but they all add a great tough to the classroom. I would like to incorporate some more personal touches, though, like plants, a lamp on my desk, and anything else that might make it a little more homey and inviting.

2) Incorporate more technology: This will be an easy goal to accomplish since we will finally have computers in our rooms this coming year. In the past, I have had my students work collaboratively on wikis, as well as use programs on the computer, but I really want to utilize these things more in my teaching. I have already decided that the computer (since there will be only one) will be available for students to use as a free-choice activity when all work is completed, and will be used for sites such as, starfall, and other such things.

3) Effectively switch classes for one subject: This next year will be the first time the other teach and I will be switching our classes for one subject. Since I have never done this, I hope she and I can figure out the best way to do this so that it runs smoothly. I am excited about this as it is a new challenge, but am nervous as well.

4) Lastly, I look forward to growing in my ability to effectively teach challenging students. I will have a very challenging class next year (many behavior issues), and this will afford me the chance to continue working on strategies that effectively help my challenging students. Since my last class was very high academically and behaviorally, I had little challenge (but loved them dearly!). So, I am looking forward to a chance to grow professionally.

At present, these are my biggest goals/resolutions for the next school year. I wish everyone a happy and blissful school year.

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