Something a Student Said

I think I would like to share some of the funny things my students say. Since this year is over (well, a new one is about to begin), I am going to share what one of my students told me near the end of the school year. We were going to be going on a field trip to a chocolate factory, so I was explaining to the students how they should dress.  There was to be no makeup (not a problem in first grade), sandals, lotion, perfume, or jewelry. I told the kids that I would be coming in without my jewelry. One of my students, we'll call him Anthony, raised his hand as said, "But what if some senor asks you to marry him?" How funny that my students thought that without my ring some guy would instantly want to marry me. I laughed and assured them not to worry. I was going to the chocolate factory for, well, chocolate, not for a husband (I have one of those).