Unfinished Work..How I Manage

     I am not alone in the battle of unfinished work. As teachers, this is a daily issue we face. Students don't work at the same pace, and some of them quite slower than others. Then there are always the ones who are the first ones finished, wanting to know what they can do next.
     What I do to solve this issue is each group has a cubby where their unfinished work goes. This is great for on-going assignments as well as unfinished work. At the end of the day, whatever work is not completed (and is not an on-going assignment), I pull out of their cubby and put with the outgoing homework. Essentially, any work unfinished goes home as homework and must be returned the next day. This is also a way of differentiating for the students who work more slowly, as they are given additional time without penalty.
    What about the rest of you? How do you manage unfinished work?