Weekly Menu Series Week One

So, here it goes, my first posting of my weekly menus. This is the exact menu I will be using this week.

Monday: Chicken with mole sauce 

* Chicken drumsticks (boil until cooked, then put in a pan, add mole sauce and warm up...easy!)
* pre-packaged mole sauce (Mexican aisle)
* Fideo (check your Mexican aisle, or use any type of Mexican rice)
* Veggies (or salad)

Tuesday: Chile Rellenos

*Poblano peppers
*beans (refried or whole beans)
*enchilada sauce
*note (I don't coat my chile rellenos in batter)

Peel the skins from the poblanos (you can broil until the skins blister), cut the tops off and removes seeds. Slit the peppers and stuff with cheese, mushrooms, rices, and the beans. I usually stuff them in the baking dish. Pour enchilada sauce liberally over them. You can sprinkle cheese on top if you wish. Bake to warm (probably about 350 degrees (my stove is different) and warm).

Wednesday: Tuna Casserole

*canned tuna
*Fettuccine noodles
*Low-fat sour cream (light, to make the sauce)
*cheese (if desired)
*Onion, mushroom, celery (diced), broccoli, peas
*chicken broth
*bread crumbs (for topping)

see link for cooking instructions: click here to get the recipe

Thursday :Taco Salad

*sour cream
*beans (lowfat refried beans, these go on the tostada first)

Layer each tostada with beans (a light layer). Then, top with the salad, avocados, and sour cream. You can even add tomatoes. This is yummy and healthy.

Friday: Chicken Tacos

*Chicken breast (boil, then shred...cook shredded chicken in chicken broth for extra flavor)
*Corn tortillas
*salsa & sour cream (to top)
*rice or dry fideo
*veggies or salad

* I think you all know how to make tacos...