My favorite book to share at the beginning of the school year is Chrysanthemum. It's great to use because in the book, Chrysanthemum is teased for her incredibly long name. Later, the students find out that the teacher's name is long as well, and then the kids all admire Chrysanthemum. I use the book to begin talking about neighborly behavior, teasing, and respect for others. Another thing I love about Chrysanthemum is I get to integrate math as well. At the finish of the story, we chart how many letters are in everyone's names. Then, for homework, my students go home and chart all the names in their family.
     Students can begin to think about their own uniqueness and how special they are by creating a thinking map using their name in the center. This is where I got the idea for thinking map.

More resources for Chrysanthemum: Story map , Chrysanthemum unit


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