Back from a Busy Day


     Well, I did it. I managed my first 5:30 am wake up call today. It felt so good to get up and get ready for work that I didn't even press snooze on my alarm! Of course, I couldn't have done so well if it hadn't have been for my wonderful cup of coffee to help me start the day in style (thank you my coffee- how I love you).
    I had about an hour to work in my room before our meeting started. Then, the meeting ended at about 9-ish, so I had the rest of the time to work in my room. I can't believe it, but I got absolutely everything out of boxes and put away. I just have a few things straggling around the room, but those are mainly decorations, which I get to start on tomorrow! Gosh. I really can't believe how quickly I got that done. I was a little bummed, however, that I decided to wear my new shirt (I bought two new shirts last night from Walmart), since I was mostly handling dusty, grimy boxes, and so not needing to look cute for that (at least I felt pretty in pink though!).
     Tomorrow's attack of plan is: DECORATE! Woohoo! Remember now, I am going safari theme, so I will finally get to work on that. Hopefully the computers in the teacher's lounge are set up, because until I can print things out, I can't technically do much with that there theme of mine (improper English used intentionally).
     Now, the best part of today was returning home for my beloved 2-hour nap. That's right, for those of you who don't know I take a 2-hour nap daily. It's the only way I can refuel and have energy to do anything else, like cook (speaking of, I need to get my menu together! No time to go to the store today though).
    Alright all my blogging friends, I am wishing you a wonderful Monday (which is almost over, by the way), and a superb week. If you are still on break, enjoy the rest! A new, hectic year is in the horizon. :)