Monday, August 15, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

  bus01  It's official. School has started. What an adventure! I was entirely overwhelmed with all the supplies my kids brought in (I always am, as some of them literally come in with trash bags full of supplies). Some how I got everything organize, though. Two students were absent, and I hear I should be expecting another student tomorrow (a girl! Yay! Because I currently have only 3 girls), so there will be more bags of supplies to arrive.
   I am not sure how other teachers organize their things, but I only take a few supplies from my students as communal supplies, and let them keep the rest. I take pencils, some erasers, pencil sharpeners, whiteboard markers, whiteboards, and play-doh. My students simply do not have the space at their desks for all of this stuff.  Since most of my students have their names on their things, I try to give them their actual supplies, but sometimes that can be time consuming.
    What about the rest of you? How do you organize your supplies?

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  1. Hi Teacher Tam,

    I don't ask for many supplies, but of the few that I do ask for some are communal (boxes of tissues) and some are personal (crayons, pencils). So on the first day or on Open House, I try to sort through the supplies, separating into piles. Sometimes, because it can be so busy on the first day, I just put the bag on a shelf, and sort through after dismissal.

    Best wishes to you as you launch into the new year!

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