Boy, Did I forget how Tiring Work can be

   flowers01 But, summer vacation has a way of doing that to a person. Energy? I've got tons of it. Time to work out? No problem. Oooops! Play time is over, and it is back to the books. Now I don't have time for anything! I ended up going in today to get a head start on my room. It probably looks like I have done nothing, but I was actually pretty productive. I only spent about 3 hours in there because I went to the airport to pickup 3 new teachers who are joining our school this year. It was a great time to sit and chat and get to know them (and have a Starbucks can't beat that).
     I am too tired to post pictures now, but I will be posting pictures of my room before and after. I still have a lot of things in boxes, and what I was able to pull out I had to go through and organize. I might go in tomorrow as well. Oh well. We'll see.
   How about the rest of you? Have you started in your room?


  1. I am exhausted. BF and I lugged 20+ boxes of stuff back to school today. And then I found out I can't get back in until Saturday. So I grabbed some stuff to work on at home.

    I remembered the beautiful, blank poster boards. I forgot the markers. Grr.

  2. Did you have to take all 20 boxes back home? I hope not! At least you can still get some things done at home.


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