Busy, Busy, Busy!

  Stack of Books clip art  I know I am not alone. Alarm goes off at 5:30. After hitting snooze a couple of times I tumble out of bed and get ready for the day (thank goodness for coffee!). Get to school, get morning work ready, pick up copies, and as soon as the kids come in my madness begins! We have been in school for 2 weeks already, and it is really taking my group a long time to get used to morning work, and some other routines. Oh dear, I hope week 3 is more successful.
   Since the beginning of the school year I have had my parent meeting, a school-wide welcome in the evening, and one meeting with a parent, not to mention our regular department meetings on Thursday. Oh, and two days a week of tutoring. I am EXHAUSTED.
   While I do have a very active group this year, they are mostly very, very sweet. I love the life and energy that my kids bring into the room. As always, I still require a 2-hour nap every afternoon when I return home. Is there any other career as exhausting as teaching?

Themes this week:

Here's a bit of what I have been doing with my kiddos:

1)Changes-how our bodies change

2) Neighbors- how to be a good neighbor

3) Grouping numbers in 10

   It is very evident that I have a wide-range of abilities in my class. Many of them are spelling phonetically. One has extremely low English skills (the others speak English very well!), and one (a Korean boy) rarely talks at all (though he knows both English and Spanish, and Korean of course). We are practicing for the daily 3 (I do a modified version of the Daily 5), and will later do math centers. Until then, we are just getting used to the routines, expectations, etc.

Well, I would love to hear how your first weeks have gone. Drop me a note!