Currently I am...Linky party


Listening to the Disney channel as my daughter watches it in the living room.

Loving that I have a few days of vacation left.

Thinking that I really should have gone to school today and started unpacking things in my classroom.

Needing another cup of coffee...but will I still be able to sleep tonight?

Stalking Quench Your First (teacher blog)
             The Adventures of 7th a Teacher
            Writing through the Wait (non-teacher blog)

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  1. thanks for linking up... I am loving your monkeys!!!

  2. I'd tell you sleep is overrated, but I *know* you like your naps... but coffee is soooo. gooood.

  3. Oh' Boy: Glad you like the monnkeys!

    Chebrutta: You know how much I love my naps! I couldn't survive without them!

  4. Ooops...Typo on the monkeys... sorry! I'm not sure how to edit that.


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