Ending Week One

   Elephant clip art Okay, so I was given a very challenging group this year. Their energy is out of this world. It is literally nonstop from the minute they walk in until they leave. I am left passed out on the floor wondering what even happened. There are serious behavior issues in the class, but I am using all my tricks to make this successful. When I was earning my master's in teaching, I researched how to create a positive learning environment so that even the most challenging child can learn. Studying that area was wonderful! It taught me so many things I can do to help my kids feel comfortable and safe, which is my top priority.
    My classroom management system is proving to really help control the behavior. I have a tree painted on my wall, and each student as a monkey that he or she has decorated and written his or her name. The students move their monkeys up for good behavior, and down for misbehavior. Each space they move up allows them a free-choice activity in their free-time. Here are the choices:
      space 1: Sit anywhere (with some rules and regulations)
      Space 2: draw and color
      Space 3: play with play-doh and whiteboard
      Space 4: Use computer
      Space 5: Certificate home; go for water or bathroom 2X without it costing a group point

Let me tell, you, this system has worked wonders. The kiddos want to move their monkeys up. These are also all free things for me. I don't have to shovel out tons of money buying things for them. In addition to helping motivate them to behave well, it also motivates them to get their work done! They can't do any of the free-choice activities unless their work is done, so they want to work.

What about the rest of you? What interesting classroom management systems do you have set-up that really motivates and encourages positive behavior? I would love to hear.