How to draw/paint cute Figures on Your wall When you are not an Artist

    Giraffe clip art I am not a good artist. I can draw girls half-way decently, but that'sit. Nothing else I have ever drawn or attempted to draw has ever turned out the way I planned. This year I really wanted to do a safari theme in my classroom, but my lack of creative ability was going to be a hindrance, or so I thought. I had another teacher paint a tree on my wall (she was confident she could do it, and I was scared to ruin my walls, so this was good news that she was willing to do it), but the tree alone was not going to make my safari theme.
   What I did was print out some simple safari animal drawings, more cartoonish looking, and drew them with pencil on my wall. The cartoon-looking animals are easier to draw free-hand because the lines and curves are very simple and basic. Actually, I am realizing that if I continued to practice drawing them (um, no time for that though), I could probably get good enough so that I won't have to look at the picture first. After I have my figures penciled in, I use a thin paint brush and whatever color I using for that animal to outline it. Then, depending on the size and shape, I take a larger paint brush and start filling in the rest of my animal. Once it's all painted, it looks rather nice. I have definitely surprised myself. So, if you are not an artsy person like me, this could still be something you do. Others also use the projector trick (we only have one, and we share it, so it is quite a pain for me to mess with), which would probably be even better.
    While I didn't take any more pictures today, I added a lion, and two safari kids to my walls. It's looking really great, and I am so excited about what my kiddos will think about the room. I am sure they are going to love it. If you have any tricks you use to decorate and make your room your own, I would love to hear about it.


  1. See.. you are more artistic than I am... I wouldn't be able to free hand it even if I had a picture to go off of! :) Your giraffe was really cute! I'm sure the other one you added are just as cute!

  2. Haha! Thanks, but actually, I bet you could do it. I really am not artistic and this was super easy. Thanks for the nice comment. I will post more pictures later (probably tomorrow, as I will be heading back to my room to finish the elephant and monkey).

  3. Love it! I am not at all artsy - can't even draw a straight line with a ruler - but I'll definitely try this with posters! Thanks!


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