My, My, It's all Coming Together

     Okay, so I have been keeping all of you updated on what's been going on in my room lately (since that's all I am really doing). Today, thank goodness, the computers in the teacher's lounge were finally connected to the printer, so I printed out a ton of things I needed for my room. I now have passes (we don't have a color printer, so I am coloring everything by hand), bulletin board border, safari animals to color and put somewhere in the room. The best news of all, however, is I am getting a safari tree painted on my wall tomorrow! Yay! My dear teacher friend (who is pregnant and not teaching this year, but is helping everyone else) agreed to do it. I am so excited, because I am actually a bit scared to paint the tree (I am not very artistic). So, I hope to have some pictures for you all soon. Oh this is exciting.
    How far is everyone else in their room?


  1. JEALOUS. I would love to be able to paint a mural in my room! Sounds like everything is coming together... the only time I have to work in my room before Open House is Saturday & Sunday!

  2. That's crazy. You guys don't get hardly any time to set things up. I have been working all week long. We have a meeting in the morning, and are out at about 9:30ish (maybe a tad later), and then I have the rest of the time until 2:00 to get work done. Last night, however, I stayed until 6:30.


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