Parent's Meeting Today

    We had our parent's meeting this afternoon. I don't know why, but I always get so nervous. I think it's partially because I do the whole thing in Spanish, which is not my native language, and when my nerves kick in, I stumble through my words, when typically I wouldn't (or at least, not like I do when I conducting a meeting a Spanish!).
    Over all, it was a good meeting. I do enjoy getting to know the parents and beginning to build that important relationship between themselves and me. I discussed the behavior management in my class, homework, reading logs, and snack time. Those really were my talking points. I only had about 20 minutes to speak since the Spanish teacher also needed time to speak, as did the disciplinarian. Tomorrow we have a school-wide general meeting as well, so this has been thus far a busy, busy, and exhausting week.
   I am just curious, but when do all of you meet your parents (in form of a meeting)?


  1. Just found your blog!! I meet my parents at Open House which is totally informal. They come in between 6-8 with their child to meet met and bring supplies. Then on screening day, after I screen I meet with the parents. I am sure you did wonderful. I would get nervous too if I had to speak in Spanish!!

  2. Pretty amazing that you had a meeting and spoke in Spanish! We only have a before school Open House. This is when I meet parents. All of our school wide meetings and workshops begin next week. Yes, back in the saddle again!
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  3. Thanks! I think my nerves got the best of me though, which happens every year at the parent meeting.
    We used to meet the parents at Open House, which was much more informal, and I enjoyed it so much more. Have fun meeting your parents!


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