Right Around the Corner

  new school clipart image: little red old fashioned schoolhouse with bellfry   Well, here it is, the end of summer vacation as I know it. I return to school on Monday, and then a week later all the kids return as well. While I am ready to go back, I can't say I won't miss sleeping in, lounging around in my pj's, or staying up late to watch movies. Those days are soon to be long gone, and become nothing more than a memory. Soon to come are the days of rushing in the mornings, staying on my feet all day, trying to get everything done, and napping in the afternoons (oh my long afternoon naps that I dearly love). Yes, my friends, summer is over.
    I am, however, happy to go back and see familiar faces, share new ideas, and just continue in the craft of teaching that I dearly love. It's a great feeling to be able to contribute to society by being part of the work force (especially in a time when so many are out looking for jobs), and really giving back in an occupation that's so meaningful and necessary to the health of our society. Being a teacher is a privilege, and being able to spend my days with precious children is a gift that I would not trade for anything else.
     What about the rest of you? When do all of you return? What are you looking forward to? I hope to hear from you. Happy teaching, my friends!