Should Teachers and Students be banned from Having Digital Relationships?

   Color Crayons This is a poll currently taking place at Fox News Live right now. When I voted, 65% of voters had said yes. Now, I am not sure what prompted this poll,but when I think of digital relationships, I think of blackboard, emails, moodle, class websites, etc. So, we should be banned from this? But, we live in a digital age so why should education be any different? Or, are they referring to things such as having students as friends on Facebook (which I do oppose)? I'm not entirely sure what they are referring too, but I definitely see dangers in banning digital relationships. What say you?

View the poll here


  1. I took it as more of a Facebook kind of thing. I know some teachers in middle/high schools that are friends with their students, and it doesn't seem quite right to me. Not sure why you would want to let your students in on that much of your private life, ha! But I don't know what the poll was really talking about for sure.

  2. I don't agree with having students as friends on FB either. Maybe that's what the poll was referring too. But, banning "digital relationships" would mean what exactly? That's what I want to find out.


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