Top 3 Things-Linky Party

  draw There's actually quite a bit I want to focus on. But, these are my first 3:

    1) Improve on the Daily 5: I do this every year, but I have never read the book. I can't even be sure I am doing it correctly. Fortunately for me, there's enough talk on it and videos on youtube that I have been given some direction. The last couple of year, I just felt that everything was rushed (and I must admit, I am not sure how to get away from that with lessons from 10-15 minutes), and I just really want things to go more smoothly this next year.

  2) Effectively switch classes for one subject: This will actually be the first year that the other first grade teacher and I will switch classes for one subject (I will be teaching math), and I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about this. I hope I can manage this, and still have enough time to teach all my subjects to my regular class.

3) Be more creative in the classroom: I am not exactly creative, but I want that to change, beginning inside my classroom. This will be the first year I actually use a class theme (safari), and I hope I get enough time to make my room safari-ish before the students start school (they start on the 15th).

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  1. Thanks for linking up! Good luck with switching classes. I wish we did that!

    Simply 2nd Resources

  2. Thanks! That's one of my biggest concerns.


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