Weekly Menu Series Week Three


I am so sorry, but my husband had to work late last night, so I didn't bother with my menu until now. Here's what I am making this week. Feel free to use the menu.

Tuesday: Chicken Pipian

Chicken drumsticks (2 for each person)
Pipian sauce (check in the Mexican aisle for pre-made sauce)
Rice or fideo
Veggies or salad

Boil the chicken until it's cooked. Then, move the drumsticks to the stove in a pan, and add the pipian sauce (you'll want to use a lot). Since the chicken is cooked, you are essentially warming the sauce and getting the chicken nicely coated. During this process, get your rice going, and warm your vegetables. Serve.

Wednesday: Lasagna

Lasagna noodles (get the ones that don't have to be pre-cooked)
Ground beef
Vegetables (carrots, mushrooms, corn and bell peppers are good ones to use)
Sauce (I just use hunts)

Brown your beef using whatever seasonings you like. I love to put garlic in mine. Oil your baking pan, and add a layer of noodles, sauce, beef, veggies, and then cheese. Repeat layers until you've used all ingredients, and tops with sauce and cheese. It takes me about 30 minutes for my oven to warm it all up, but I am using a weird oven that doesn't quite like me.

Thursday: Left over lasagna

We have enough to last us two days.

Friday: Sloppy Joes

Ground Beef
Tomato sauce and/or paste
Hamburger buns

Brown the beef, using onion, salt and pepper. Add the tomato sauce, mixing it in well with the beef. Add a few pinches of sugar, and ketchup. Stir well, and add to your hamburger buns.