Embracing Fall

 Maple Leaves clip art  Fall really has come at a very opportune time for my class. We have been working on a unit of "Changes" since the second week of school. So many different topics fall under this focus, such as our bodies, intellect, our lives, and nature (which is where we are currently at). What a great lens from which to view fall: change! The leaves fall, the wind blows, the colors change. The weather becomes colder and cooler, and it's the perfect time to take out the sweaters and scarves and bundle up.
  It just so happens that fall really is my favorite season. Perhaps this is why I am so motivated to really vamp up my unit. I recently started to think about how I can create an even better unit, really embracing more of fall, like Harvest, Thanksgiving, seasons, etc. Since I teach internationally in Mexico, I have never really done thorough studies involving Thanksgiving with my students, but from a global, multicultural perspective, I think I really do have a duty to enlighten my students in this area. So, I would like to bring this into our focus on changes. In addition, since we have many Koreans at our school, I would also like to include the Korean harvest celebration, "Chusok".
  I am curious to know how all of you are embracing fall in your own classrooms. What activities will you be doing, or have done already, with your classes? I look forward to hearing from all of you.