In The Classroom Series

 Maple Tree clip art  I love sharing and hearing about what is going on in our classrooms. How true is it that as teachers we are so busy, in our own little world even, that we are somewhat clueless about what's happening in the classrooms around us? I know this is true for myself. I am even going to create this as a series, and would love it if you participated by creating your own so we can all all. If you do, just leave a comment saying you created your series, and I will be able to check it out (and so will others).
  This past week was a short week since Friday was an in-service day. We were able to pack in lots of learning in the meantime, however. For reading, we just finished our short study on theme, enveloped within our big idea of "changes that are exciting". I was so excited because my students were able to pull from their readings and connect to their own lives. It's not always easy for students to look beyond the text to the bigger meaning, but I really try to get students to think bigger than the literal text. With everything they read, I ask them to apply it to their own lives. In a way, I ask them to form a personal relationship with that text.
   We just started a new chapter in math where we are focusing on adding double digits, data, and graphs. It as been somewhat of a struggle for some of them as we have looked at different ways to make a number, asking them to make a ten into ten ones. Thankfully, only a few of them are still struggling with this concept, and I am continuing to work with those students in math centers to help them develop the concept.
    In Bible, we just finished learning all about families, how families are chosen by God, and how believers are part of God's family. My students worked really hard on being responsible and helping as good family members in their own homes.
    What about the rest of you? Since this week isn't over, you can share what your kids did last week.