What's Happening in the Classroom-This past week

    Click to viewThis past week (still this week, really, since today is Friday) was an extremely short week. With Tuesday and today off, we have 3 short days to finish our study on changes in nature. Last week's focus and this week's focus was on plot, visualization, ed words, and ar sounds in language arts. We examined our focus question (or big idea) through Frog and Toad, and other such literature that depicted nature.
    We also began our study on creation, which tied in oh-so-nicely with our focus question (I love integrating, especially when I can make it work!). We were able to look at all things in nature that God created, right as we were studying changes in nature. I found many wonderful songs and short videos that went right along with our study, which really helped to enhance student understanding on the topic.
    My kids also engaged in a week-long writing project (recall that our week-long consisted on three days), going through all steps of the writing process. They wrote a fictional story, set in a garden (anything goes with that assignment, the only requirement was the setting).
    This was essentially what we did this past week. It was a short, fast week, but we were able to tie up the study on our focus question, and we will be ready to start anew once we return from our two-week vacation.
   What about the rest of you? I would love to hear what you have been doing in your own classrooms. Click to view


  1. Hi Teacher Tam!

    In my class this week, we've been studying the season of Fall. I love this season! We will be continuing with Fall next week.
    First Impressions

  2. I love fall as well. Such a beautiful season.


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