Word Work Linky Party

    Rockin Teacher Materials is hosting a linky party on word work. Although the linky party asks to share one activity, I feel compelled to share my entire word work packet. The word work packet lists about 20 different word work activities for students to do (some include play-doh spelling, spelling art (where they write their words and make designs with the letters), and other such fun activities). The kids absolutely love the activities, and since there are 20 different activities, they are not always doing the same thing, so they don't get bored.
    I spent the first several weeks going through each word work activity with my students whole-class. About a month into school, I felt my students had a good enough grasp on the activities that they could be left to work on it alone. Now what I do (which was my initial plan all along) is pull a group to work on phonics during this time, and the other students work on their word work packet.
   Since we focus on spelling patterns in our spelling words, I find that the different study practices within the word work packet truly help the students in their identifying those patterns. On our last spelling test, every student got over 100% except just one student. I think that alone speaks for the success of the different word activities.

Get a copy of my Word work packet  for free.


  1. Thanks for contributing to my Linky party! Love the packet!



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