I just can't believe it's already February (really closer to March now at this point). I look at my students and see they have made huge growth by now. My kids have turned into super writers. Even my lowest one no longer requires sentence frames. He's doing it all by himself (this is a great thing because I have a new student who requires a lot of small group, and one-on-one help).  A handful of my students can write a whole page now, and insist on doing so (be mindful that I don't require that, though). This is an exciting time in the school year, in my opinion, because now we begin to see real growth.  I hear my kids using words that weren't even in their vocabulary at the beginning of the school year, and working so well in their groups that they explain and question things before even coming to me (most of the time). Oh the bliss of being half way through the school year.
   What about the growth you've seen in your own classes? I would love to hear about it. 

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