It's March already (what happened to February? Where did it go?), and it seems that this time of year (at least at my school) is packed with too many events to even count. You know what I'm talking about. You open up your agenda book and have an event scheduled on almost every, single day. Our student teacher begins on Monday, we have spirit week coming up (which means we must practice daily for our dance), spelling-bee, bench-marking, a walk-a-thon, a field-trip, and an all-day in-service meeting. I'm also pretty sure I'm forgetting several other events as well. Oh, yes I am. One of my student's is leaving the country until next school year, so we will have a party for her in a few weeks. This is where I begin to feel like I have an elephant sitting on the top of my head. He's very heavy I tell you, and I wish he'd consider getting off.  This really is very much what our life looks like every week, isn't it? When aren't we busy? When don't we have a million things to do? We are being pulled in ten different directions at any given time (it's lucky we still have our limbs attached, isn't it?).  At the end of the day, however, it's all worth it. All the sweat, tears, and blood that goes into teaching.  It's fulfilling, exhausting, but definitely rewarding.
   What about your schedule? Is your agenda as full as mine is?

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