I don't mean from blogging (though I admittedly don't get much time to blog except during school breaks) but from teaching. As much as we love what we do, rest is important as well. I write this as I sit in the beach house my husband and I rented for the long weekend, and I realize just how much this time was well needed (okay, so we recently returned from our two-week spring break but I'm not going to turn down a long weekend). We spend so much time planning, correcting, reflecting, and planning again. We do this because we are great teachers who care, and our kids need us. However, there is a limit. Many teachers burn out quickly and I believe it's due to the consumption teaching has on the teacher. Yes, it consumes us, doesn't it? Yet we must learn to rest and take a break. Hard work certainly pays off, but a little R&R does the body and mind good. I would love to hear how all of you take time to relax and temporarily step out of the world of teaching.

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