Organizing your weekly menus...for the busy teacher

     If you are anything like me, dinner planning is an exhausting task, especially after working hard all week long. As I have mentioned in the past, creating dinner menus help me to stay organized, and makes the task of deciding what to make daily slightly less grueling. Alas, the actual menu planning has become another job for me. I don't necessarily want to sit down and think up what I am going to make each night. Thankfully, I finally came up with a new system which will allow my dinner menu to create itself (you've got to love that!).
     Allow me to explain my new system that I am in love with. What I did was take a vinyl chart, exactly like the ones I use in class for our schedule, and on a 3x5 card, write the day of the week for each slot. Next to the day, I wrote a type of dish on another 3x5 card. Since I only plan for 5 days, this is what I created: Monday-Chicken/meat, Tuesday-casserole, Wednesday-pasta, Thursday-Soup/Salad, Friday-Burgers/sandwiches. From there, I wrote down meals I make, one meal per 3x5 cards. I have about 5-7 meals per type of dish, and what I do now is when that day passes and I have made the dish, I move the card to the back of the cards, and the next card displayed is the meal I will make for that day the following week. For example, today is Wednesday and the displayed pasta card is pasta primavera. After I make dinner, I will move the pasta primavera card to the back of the pasta cards, and the next card displayed will be the pasta dish I will make next week. By the time Friday hits, I will have my menu for next week already created, and there will be no planning on my part. I really hope this method helps you if you decide to do it. I would love to hear if you plan on trying this, if you already do it, or how you plan out your weekly menus. Happy cooking!


  1. This is such a smart way to organized meal plans! :) I followed you from AtoZ. I also have an award for you on my blog!

    Second Grade is Sweet!

  2. What a great idea! Would you happen to have a list of your recipes?


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