Summer Reflections


     So we meet once again with one of our favorite seasons: summer! Not only is it a time to breath and sleep in, I always find that summer for me has been a time for reflection as well. I reflect on what I did in the classroom that worked, and what didn't work. One of the best things I did in my classroom was work really hard on improving my ability to design units based on Understanding on Design. It was easier this past year since I was able to use my old plans from the previous year (when I first started using UbD). I feel I was more effective in small groups, and therefore so were my students. I am currently reading Kagan's book on cooperative learning and hope to be able to implement more ways to incorporate cooperative learning in the classroom. Next year I will be at a new school, so I will be busy enough just learning the new curriculum, getting to know staff, new routines, and adjusting to a new school culture. That right there is already a lot on one's plate. What about the rest of you? What have you reflected back on, and what do you look forward to for next year?