Frog and Toad- The Garden: a Lesson

      Many of you already know that I use Understanding by Design to create my units. This week we are focusing on changes. Today's essential question is: "What things change?" To dig into this question I will first ask my students the question, allow them time to think, and then discuss. We will then read the story, "Frog and Toad-The Garden" to see how nature around us changes. This is actually a great extension of our season's unit when we learned how the world around us changes during the seasons. During writing time they will write about things that change around them. My hope is that they might extend their thoughts beyond gardens and discuss other changes around them (animals in winter, spring births, etc.). A center I am including at math time this week is to sequence the life cycle of a pumpkin. It goes along with the idea that things around us change, and ties into the concept of sequencing, which we've been working on in math. To get that activity click here.  For a spelling activity (not one I am doing but something that could work), kids could draw a garden and hide their spelling words. I hope some of those activities might work for you! How have you used the story "Frog and Toad- The Garden" in your classroom?