Lesson Plan Format

      Today I thought it would be great to share my own lesson plan format. This was something that took me a while to figure out on my own. I'm not talking about how to design a lesson, but finding the routines that will work for me. Every time I change grades, this proves to be the challenge as well. The format I am proposing (and the one I use) could be used for first or second grade. When you have the basic format it makes it so much easier to just plug in all the details. Here's the format I use (times would have to be adjusted for your own school schedule):

8:00-8:10 Carpet time : Phonics

8:10-8:35 Daily 5 rotation 1 (I work with a small group)

8:35-8:55 Calendar (5 minutes), morning message (10 minutes), read aloud (5-10 minutes)

8:55-9:30 Daily 5 rotation 2 (I work with a small group)

Lunch/Spanish class

11:00-11:20  Daily 5 Rotation 3 (I work with a small group)

11:20-11:30 Writing mini-lesson

11:30-11:55 Writing

11:55-12:05 Math warm up

12:05-12:15 Calendar (usually a math video of colors, skip counting, etc. Just a review)

12:15-12:25 Math mini-lesson

12:25-12:55 Math centers (I work with a small group)

12:55-1:15 Social studies /Science activity

Having a formula to use truly helps to keep you to not only stay on schedule, but give your kids the needed routine to make managing your classroom successful. I hope you can find this useful in your own classroom.