Upon returning from Thanksgiving break my class and I will be looking at how we are similar and different from others as part of our "Myself" unit. One aspect we will explore is feelings. To help think about our feelings and the feelings of others we will read Mo Willems "My Friend is Sad." It's a terrific children's story about a pig who tries to cheer up his friend, Elephant. This story is also a great way to discuss different emotions we have and what causes those feelings. In addition, as we see Piggie struggle with his friend's sadness, students begin to think about the feelings their own friends experience as well. It's great way to promote empathy, and begin a healthy discussion of the feelings we all experience. After reading and discussing the book my students will be given a "My Friend is Sad: Kind words to say to a friend" available here. Another idea (instead of doing the worksheet) to help students show how to be sensitive to their friend's feelings is to act out a situation in which a friend is sad and they have to cheer them up. Students could brainstorm phrases or words to use with their friends while you chart them on the paper. On a picture of Elephant and Piggie, students can write the phrases and words and then color in the picture. What activities have you done with your class to go with :My Friend is Sad"?


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