As part of our "Myself" unit we are exploring feelings. We actually won't be working on this until about two weeks from now, but I've already started to prepare for that week. Exploring emotions is not only wonderful as it helps students understand what they are experiencing emotionally, but to better understand those around them. We will launch this lesson with a reading of Glad Monster, Sad Monster to discuss what makes the monster feel the different emotions. This will help us link the feelings back to ourselves when I will give discussion time among partners to think about their own feelings and what makes them experience them. During writing time, my students will begin to work on a mini-book from Scholastic called "My Book about Feelings." I am guessing this will take about 2 days before it will be completed. Slower workers will need additional time. During our social studies time, they will work on drawing their different emotions using this worksheet. To top this concept off, I will be including a "finish the picture" center in my math centers this week (click here for the printable). How have you used this great book in your class? I would love to hear.


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