Guided math: It's a Glyph thing

      Just as I do guided reading, I do guided math as well. This is the best way to help struggling kids, challenge those who are advanced, or fit in a math activity you might not otherwise have had time for. This week my assistant will be guiding a snowman glyph in her guided math group as I work in small groups doing number bonds. I love glyphs because they help students to focus on details, visually represent data, and the kids have a lot of fun with it (shouldn't learning be fun, anyway?). This one particularly is perfect for the Christmas season! This would be even a nice independent activity you could throw in for math centers (if your students are old enough to read). I personally balance out the independent games and independent activities during my math center time. The glyph I am using I found online here. If you don't have an account with ABC teach you might not be able to access the glyph. You could, however, do your own internet search to find a different one, or create your own. I would love to hear what glyphs you do with your kids for the holidays.