Hundreds Race to the End-ABAB Pattern math center game

     This week my kids will be working on patterns. Since I love math games for math centers, I thought I would create a game that incorporated a "Hundreds Race" I had seen online, but with a twist. In the hundreds game, two students roll a die and color that many spaces in their hundreds chart. The first student to complete their hundreds chart is the winner. My new game is exactly the same, but the students must use two colors to make an ABAB pattern (patterns can be modified to increase the level of difficulty and I'm using a diamond pattern this week instead of the hundred's chart). You can find the pattern I am using this week here. You may also find a blank hundreds chart here. To get a copy of the game's instruction, click here. Please let me know if you use this in your class. I would love to hear how your kids like it. Mine have been having  blast with it this week.