Miss Rumphius: Literature for teaching maps

    Next week my class and I will be focusing on maps and globes and how they are useful (this story is often used for discussing citizenship as well). I always tie social studies into language arts, and  next week we will read "Miss Rumphius" to talk about how we could use maps. This is a great book that can be used not only as a launching point on maps (how would Miss Rumphius use a map? What would she look for? How would it help her?), but to work on sequencing, making inferences and connections. This story could be used to compare life in the past to life now as well. It's so versatile because it covers so many standards at once. Art can also be integrated into this book. After reading the book, students can draw how they think Miss Rumphius' lupines look up close. I am a huge fan of integrating as many subjects as possible, so I was excited to share this lesson with you all. I would love to hear what you have used this story in your own classroom.

Additional activities:

*Where would you like to go? Create a postcard and write a message to your best friend describing the place (make sure your kids know what post kids are; I would even show them some and see what experiences they have with them).

*How can you make the world beautiful? Draw and write how you would make the world beautiful.

*Study the parts of flowers; study a plants' lifecycle.