Simple, Fun, Christmas/Winter craft: Penguin Fun!

   If you lack creative, artistic skills like me, you might be wondering what you can do with your kids this time of year. I don't want a lot of prep work, mess, or energy that I personally have to put into a craft for my kids. They have, however, been asking for something fun to do for the holiday season. As I searched online, I found an adorable penguin craft for the kids. It's simple enough, and the kids had so much fun doing it (about half of my kiddos have finished as I have been doing the penguin with them in small groups). Here are the steps (you will need a sheet of blue paper per child, and cut up or ripped up small pieces of white and black paper, and orange paper for a beak):

1) Take a blue paper and trace the outline of a penguin (see above).

2) Have students glue the white papers into the middle of the penguin.

3) Have student glue the black papers around the white of the penguin.

4) Draw on the eye with a sharpie.

5) Cut out a beak from the orange paper and have students glue onto the penguin.

    As you can see from the image above, students can also add snow into the picture. It adds a nice touch. Some of my kids wanted to personalize their penguins and make hats, bows, etc.

I found the original penguin here.

If you do this craft, I would love to hear how your kids liked it.