Many of you have either already finished the school year, or are nearing the year´s end. I think as teachers we always find ourselves in the midst of being so busy that time just flies by. This is so true for the beginning of the year and the end of the year. We still have 20 days left, but as long as it sounds to me, I know it too will fly by. Two of those days will be field trips, but we also have a huge student-led conference the students are preparing for. They will be presenting to their parents everything they have learned during one of our units. It´s exciting, but scary, and nothing less than stressful. Then, of course, there´s the last writing samples still left to grade, plus reading fluency tests, phonemic awareness, oral proficiency. I am curious to hear what everyone has on their plate as the year winds down. What projects or items do you still have on your list?

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