Brag Tags Freebie

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     Yesterday I posted about brag tags (something relatively new for me). I have decided I really want to try them out for this coming school year, even if only on a small scale. This could be the perfect addition to my positive classroom. Now that I have done my research on brag tags ( you can check out the post here if you missed it), I am ready to take the next step and implement these babies in my own classroom. What I did was spend about 40 minutes yesterday really studying what brag tags look like, then creating my own using Google Draw. Ok, these first ones are pretty simple and weren´t that difficult, but I am super excited about them. I plan to make a few more and start using them in my classroom come August. I am offering them here for you to use as well. If you decide to use them, let me know! I would love to hear from you.

Brag tag: I did a kind act.

Brag tag: I helped a neighbor.

Brag tag: I was responsible