Google Chrome Extensions that Rock

     Ok, so you might be asking yourself what in the world does google chrome extensions have to do with teaching? Well, the answer to that is nothing and everything. Ok, before you start quietly tiptoeing away from this page, let me explain. We teachers use technology. A lot. Did I mention we use it A LOT? We do. As such, google extensions (and applications) can really enhance our computers´ functionality, making it easier (and better) for us as we plan, look up lesson ideas, blog, or create. I recently discovered some fantastic extensions that I am already loving! I am loving them so much that I almost don´t want to leave my computer´s side (oh wait...that´s me on a daily basis). To get these extensions (for free), just go to your local Google Chrome Store (ok, it´s on the internet so just navigate your browser that way) and add them. Ok, here we go:

1) Adblock Plus:    Ok, I am loving this one! It removes adds from your computer. No more Facebook adds, no more youtube adds (don´t you hate those pesky commercials?), no more adds PERIOD! Now, I have to warn you it is controversial because those who make the adds are losing money, so use this only if you feel comfortable removing the adds.

2.  Disconnect: Another great one! With Disconnect you prevent other websites from tracking you. This helps you keep your privacy, well, private.

3.  LastPass: Have trouble remembering all your passwords? I do. This extension keeps them in a vault for you. So, when you go to login, Lastpass inputs it for you. You can always go into your vault and look at all the passwords for the sites you have saved. This is becoming one of my favorite extensions! My sister is an accountant in Santa Barbara, California and her company uses LastPass (she´s actually the one who told me about it).

I am super excited about these extensions and hope you will try them out. I think you will love them too. Do you use other extensions that you just love? I would love to hear about them.