My Neighbors Unit: Freebie


I have worked really, really hard to improve my Neighbors unit, which I begin with every year. I used to teach Bible, but now that I teach in a secular school I have adapted the Neighbors unit to be secular friendly. The unit as it was originally designed is largely based around the Bible, but there's also a lot of other ideas and activities in the unit that are not so you can use to focus on carácter strengths if you don't teach Bible.

   I have a lot of resources in my live.binder, so you could even modify and change things up (I haven't even used all of my resources from the binder). Click here to access my Neighbor Unit. The Access code is: Neighbors.

   The unit is designed using Understanding by Design method. Feel free to use what you need to. If you use it, please tell me what you thought of it. Thanks!