Using Google Calendar to Make your Lesson Plans

     Yesterday I posted about how to use Google Calendar for all your pacing calendar needs. Using Google Calendar for your lesson plans isn´t much different, but it is much more detailed. As you can see from the above image , I can align both my pacing calendar and lesson plan calendar together. This helps as I am putting together my detailed plans. What I have done is schedule my general lesson plans without having yet plugged in the details of the lessons. For example, I have scheduled the reading block, writing, math, etc. for the entire year. As I go to do my actual plans, I start plugging in the details in those general slots. I also have a separate document of my units with lesson activities, and even though I primarily do the same ones each year, I always have to look back to see what was in my plans and make any necessary changes. As I look back I just start plugging the activities into my Google Calendar lesson plans. I actually put the details of the lesson in the ¨description¨ field (see below). The best thing about this is you can print out your calendar if needed, or save paper and just work directly from the computer (that´s what I tend to do). 
  1. That´s all there is to it. I have seen a lot online planners offered for free or for a small fee, but I find that everything I need to plan is available in Google Calendar, and for free! You can´t beat that. 
Do you use Google Calendar? I´d love to hear your thoughts on Google Calendar and how you use it.