Using Google Tasks in Google Calendar to Stay Organized

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No one loves Google more than I do (ok, that might actually not be true, but I am a Google fan!), so today I´ll share another Google tip. I know that right now there are lots of options for online organizers. I won´t pretend to be familiar with all of them (or even with a small percentage of them), because I simply am not. What I am, though, is obsessed with Google Calendar and how easy it is to stay organized by using it. The above image is a screenshot of my calendar (what displays on the left-hand side of the calendar). You´ll notice you have ¨tasks¨ also included. You can include tasks to any calendar, and oh boy is this feature fantastic! I don´t know about you, but my teaching day is filled with a million and one things to do (teaching is actually only one part of that million and one things that I need to do).  Now, on the right-hand side of your calendar is where your tasks will appear (but only if you have clicked on the ¨tasks¨ on the right-hand side, as I have done in the above image). save image You can input more description and details about the task within the task field itself, which is very nice. From my own task list you can see that each task has a date it must be completed by (the date is below the task). As you complete each task, you click on the task and it will cross it out. You may also delete the entire task from your task list if you would rather not have it appear in your list at all. This task list can be printed out if you´d like to keep it in view at all times. That´s it. It´s so easy and simple, but it keeps my life organized.

What do you use to stay organized?