Yet Another Really Cool Google Chrome Extension

     I guess I´m on a roll with these Google Chrome extensions. Today I found another extension that I am super, and I mean SUPER excited about! It´s called Awesome ScreenShot and it allows you to take, well, screenshots that are pretty awesome. You can circle, highlight, and even annotate information (see my screen shot above? Yes, I did that by myself). As a teacher and blogger, this is a fantastic tool. My head is already spinning with the possibilities. I use Google Slides almost on a daily basis in my class and often find myself wanting to include just a snippit of a screenshot into my presentation and this tool will make it easier for me to do so.
    To get ScreenShot, you go to the Google Chrome Store found here and search ¨Awesome Screenshot¨ and then add it.

p.s. No, I do not secretly work for Google. Thanks for asking. I´m just a BIG fan of Google.

      Do you use Screenshot? If so, I´d love to hear what you use Screenshot for.