Active Research on Character Education in the Classroom

This sumer I took a MOOC course on teaching character strengths in the classroom. I also participated in a Facebook group that corresponded with the course. As a group we decided we really want to continue our group and continue to learn more about how to implement character education in the classroom. As such, we decided to do a little active research in our own classrooms since a lot of what we have learned is not really well known (like how do you teach students to be more gritty). I am so excited about this active research project that lies in our near future. I am announcing this here because in a few days the course will be officially finished and I will open up our Facebook group to the world and invite all of you to join us. So, anyone who is interested in teaching character education and, specifically, researching ways to improve grit in our students, then please follow me there. I will be including more specific information on this later this week.