My Wonder Wall

We are on a nonfiction unit and learning how to form questions as we read. To help encourage student questioning (and make it somewhat kinesthetic), I decided to create a "Wonder Wall". Essentially a wonder wall is a compilation of student questions (derived from their nonfiction reading) placed on a wall. I did this by creating a poster where questions on sticky-notes could be placed, and the poster later put on the wall as a reminder to form questions as they read. Here are the details of how I did this:

First, I modeled questioning during our read alouds (and had students practice it right there at the carpet). Students were asked to continue to practice this strategy as they read independently. Then in my reading groups students read from nonfiction books. They were asked to form questions as they read. After they did a first read (I did not want them to be distracted by the sticky notes), I gave them about three sticky-notes. They were asked to do another read (to help them remember their questions) and this time write their questions on the sticky-notes. They had to place the sticky-note down on the table in front of them. They were strictly advised not to place their questions onto the poster until they had all their questions written. Once they were finished, though, they could add all their sticky notes. It was very enjoyable for the kids, and it was great practice for them to question as they read. Now that we have our questions, the poster will be a great reminder to the students to form questions as they read.

What do you use sticky-notes for?

How do you get kids to practice forming questions?