Have you Heard of "Get Epic" Yet??

     I love finding new resources, especially when they are reading resources. This summer I found a new book site called "Get Epic". This is a fantastic site where educators may sign up for free. There are books for ages 2-12, so there is quite the variety. With several options to look for books on the site, my favorite way is to look up books by theme (we are learning all about communities right now). This allows me to add to the available books we have in the classroom through these virtual books!

How you may use Get Epic:

* As an educator, you may add students to your account so they may read the books in class.  They can do this from a computer or iPad. Since I have both a student computer and 5 iPads in my class, this Get Epic will be an option students may use during reading time (I rotate the iPads by table groups each day. Ex: Monday group 1 uses the iPads, Tuesday group 2, etc.) From my understanding, parents have to pay if they want to download the app at home, but they do have the option to do so if they want their child to have access to the app at home.

* Read Alouds: I have been using Get Epic books for read alouds in my class. Since I have an iPad, I read it straight from the iPad, only showing the picture after I read each page (just like I would with a real book).

* Shared reading: When I want to use an Get Epic book for shared reading, I project the book from the computer onto my screen and we will read the book straight from there. In this way I increase the number of enlarged texts we have in the classroom.

If you begin to use (or currently are using) Get Epic, I would love to hear about it!

Here is the link to the site: www.getepic.com

Happy Reading!